Kai Purnhagen

Assistant Professor of Law and Governance

Wageningen University

Law and Governance Group




Trade Law

European Union Law
European and International Economic Law and Regulation

Policy Analysis
Legal Theory (esp. Behavioural Law and Economics, Phenomenology)



Ph.D., European University Institute, Florence, 2011
M.J.I., Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen, 2009
M.Res. (Law), European University Institute, Florence, 2008
LL.M., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2007
State Exam in Law [JD equivalent], State of Hessen, 2006


Appointments and Visiting Positions

Akademischer Rat aZ [last position before Full Professor in Germany], Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, 2011-2013
Post-Doc Researcher, University of Amsterdam, 2011
Visiting Lecturer, University of Lucerne, 2008-2010
Visiting Researcher, London School of Economics and Political Sciences, 2009
Visiting Researcher, Global Legal Studies Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2008


Awards and Distinctions

Distinguished International Visitor, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Institute of Law and Economics

Principal Editor Studies in European Economic Law and Regulation (Springer Science)

Guest Fellow, Centre for the Study of European Contract Law, University of Amsterdam, 2011-2012

Grants German Academic Exchange Service, Thyssen Foundation, University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School, Dutch Scientific Organisation
Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School, 2006-2007


Recent Publication

  • Climate law: dutch decision raises bar, 523 Nature 410 (2015)

Selection of Other Recent Publications
  • Mapping Private Regulation – Classification, Market Access and Market Closure Policy, and Law’s Response, 49:2 Journal of World Trade 309-324 (2015).

  • Why Do We Need Responsive Regulation and Behavioural Research in EU Internal Market Law?, in: Klaus Mathis (ed.), European Perspectives on Behavioural Law and Economics, Springer Dordrecht et al, 2015, pp. 51-69, available at

  • The Virtue of Cassis de Dijon 25 years later – It is not Dead, it Just Smells Funny, in: Kai Purnhagen and Peter Rott (eds.), Varieties of European Economic Law and Regulation, 315-342, Springer Dordrecht et al, 2014, available at
  • The Behavioural Law and Economics of the Precautionary Principle in the EU and its Impact on Internal Market Regulation,
    in: Cass Sunstein and Lucia Reisch (eds.), Special Issue “Behavioural Economics, Environmental Policy and the Consumer”, (2014) Journal of Consumer Policy, available at
  • Beyond Threats to Health: May Consumers' Interest in Safety Trump Fundamental Freedoms in Information on Foodstuffs? Reflections on Berger v Freistaat Bayern,
    38:5 European Law Review, 711-719 (2013).

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